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Welcome to
Collectible Stocks and Bonds!

Old stock certificates from your favorite companies. 

We sell obsolete stocks and bonds from railroad, automotive, aviation, and general industry.  Real antique stock certificates!


These are real certificates that were actually used in investment (even some General Motors and WorldCom certificates!)  We also have starter sets for the stock collecting novice.


Use the left menu to view old stock certificates, live shares, investment books, hobby guides, and stock certificate posters.  Surf around our site just for fun!
Old stock certificates from OldStocks.com

Our company and our focus
We are leaders in the hobby of scripophily (collecting old stocks and bonds) with an inventory worth billions of dollars. (Well, it was at one time! We focus on the affordable, novelty items but we do offer some highly desirable pieces for the expert collector.  We only sell real stocks and bonds that were used in the stock market! No copies or fakes!


We have a variety of products for your interests
We have a large catalog  of antique certificates and hobby reference books However, we now offer real, live shares on our live shares page If you are an active investor, we sell investment books too.  We also offer stock art posters with enlarged images of old stock certificates.
We are the only site on the internet to provide the entire range of stock collecting!

Check out some favorite old stock certificates of our customers:


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Ten General Industry Stocks

WorldCom Stock
Regular price: $149.95
Sale price: $99.95
General Motor Stock Certificate
Regular price: $39.95
Sale price: $24.95
Merrill Lynch Owned stock - HOJO
Regular price: $19.95
25 General Industry Stocks
Regular price: $100.00
Sale price: $48.95


About collecting old stock certificates  
We only deal in real stock certificates that can be collected by theme, history, familiar company, or just for the looks.  As collectibles, our prices vary based on rarity, supply, and depth of demand.  We do cater to the beginning collector so you will find very affordable pieces in our catalog.  We can find the right stock certificate for you! 


Scripophily is usually defined as collecting old stock certificates but has expanded into collecting live share certificates.  We are the only scripophily site to also provide both obsolete certificates and, live shares on the same website.



Buy live stock certificates in your name:
Click the links or pictures to get a real, live stock certificate in your name or give as a gift.  Real share ownership in stock certificate form.  Unique gift for children, retirees, stock investors, weddings, birthdays, and holidays.

  Coca-Cola Disney DreamWorks Harley-Davidson Anheuser-Busch Inbev
Coca-Cola stock certificate Walt Disney stock certificate DreamWorks Animation stock certificate - Shrek Harley-Davidson stock certificate Anheuser-Busch Inbev stock certificate
  McDonald's Tiffany & Co. DreamWorks Harley-Davidson Ford Motor Co.
McDonald's stock certificate Tiffany & Co. stock certificate Starbucks coffee stock certificate Wal-Mart stock certificate Ford motor Company stock certificate



Got an old security (inherited or found in the attic)?  
Want to know if it is worth a fortune or not?  Check out our
what's it worth page to research your stock or bond for value.  We do not research the company or investigate for investment value - please use the links on that page.  It's free!




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All old certificates are only sold as collectibles.  No investment value is implied, transferred, or considered.  No transfer of securities is performed. Stocks are cancelled or obsolete.  We cannot provide investment advice but we do provide links to industry experts and governmental agencies.  We cannot provide investment valuation or redemption of your certificates. We do provide appraisals of old stock certificates as collectibles only.  Research links are provided at no cost.  If interested in laws and rules around the trading or transfer of securities, please use the resources at SEC.gov.  Our live shares are sold through an affiliate partner that uses a registered securities broker. Our live shares catalog is conducted using a registered broker and these still have investment value.  Please note that all transactions are done through their company.

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